The U18 Vermillion Flamez softball team played a doubleheader against the SD Gold in Sioux Falls last Tuesday. They went 1-1 on the night.

In the first game against the SD Gold, Vermillion won 4-2.

Both teams scored two runs in the third inning, but the Flamez scored two more in the fourth while holding off SD Gold. Vermillion won game one 4-2 in four innings.

The Flamez had seven hits and three errors. SD Gold had five hits and one error.

“I think that as a whole team, we hit the ball well, and we made adjustments to our swings as needed,” said Emily Stockwell. “We were also able to put up a solid defense against a good offensive team to make sure we kept their runs to a minimum. I pitched the first game and was able to pitch pretty solid with my defense making plays behind me.”

In the circle, Stockwell recorded 17 first-pitch strikes and nine strikeouts.

From the plate, Alisha Leber and Kailee Brinkmann each had two RBIs. Leber had one home run, and Brinkmann had two hits.

Vermillion fell in the second game 2-4 despite starting with a 1-0 lead after the first inning.

SD Gold scored all four of their runs in the fourth inning. The Flamez responded with one, but it was not enough for a comeback, losing 2-4 after four.

“During the second game of a doubleheader, we usually switch things up the entire time, allowing players to get experience in other positions,” said Stockwell. “Something to work on would be to be versatile, like being able to perform the same with players in positions they may not normally play.”

Vermillion had six hits and two errors. SD Gold had five hits and no errors.

Brinkmann recorded two hits, and Rylee Olson hit a home run.

Payton Vellek and Olson each pitched two innings for the Flamez in game two. Olson had three strikeouts, and Vellek had two.

The Flamez will compete in the state tournament this weekend at Sertoma Park in Sioux Falls. Their first games begin on Friday.

“I am really looking forward to this important part of our season because it is a chance to play some very good competition and to put forth our best effort to show all of the hard work we have put in this season,” said Stockwell. “It’s going to be really fun. I’m very excited.”


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