Emma Jury

Vermillion eighth-grader Emma Jury takes a swing in the home dual last Thursday. The Tanagers won 5-4.

The Vermillion girls’ tennis team hosted Lennox in a dual Thursday. The Tanagers defeated the Orioles 5-4.

“We were able to pull off the team match win against Lennox on Thursday because of our great attitudes and the motivation to overcome and win,” said Vermillion head coach Kari Jensen. “We had some tough tie-breaker matches; we lost some and won some.”

Several Tanagers had long rallies in their matches.

“It was a well-matched day between two good tennis teams, and we were able to come out on top,” said coach Jensen. “The girls continue to understand and learn how the game of tennis works.”

The Vermillion players and learning to follow through with their shot, how to counter what an opponent does consistently, and more, according to coach Jensen. Most importantly, the girls are enjoying the game and have fun playing.

“We are so lucky to even being playing right now,” said coach Jensen. “I'm just grateful that I get to be with these girls each day and see them improve, not only at the game of tennis but their confidence in general.”

The Tanagers will compete in the Madison triangular Tuesday at noon.

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Ally Hanlson 4-2, 4-1; Emma Jury v. Gracen Juffer 5-3, 0-4 (8-10); Annika Barnett v. Madison Johnson 4-0, 4-0; Lauren Mandernach v. Lizzy Buehner 1-4, 1-4; Abby Hanson v. Ellen Boomgarden 4-1, 4-1; Kasey Hanson v. Madison Buehner 3-5, 4-2 (8-10)

Doubles: Dahlhoff/A. Hanson v. Hanlson/Juffer 4-1, 4-1; Halverson/Jensen v. Boomgarden/M. Buehner 3-4 (4), 4-3 (4), 11-9


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