The Tanagers played Saturday at the USD Soccer Complex against Groton Area. Vermillion won 6-0.

“I really like how encouraging and motivational we all are, especially when we are struggling,” said junior Ellie Schroeder. “We’re always bringing each-other up and helping our teammates out.”

The Tanagers played their first home game this past Saturday on the turf at the USD Soccer Complex. The girls were coming off a tough 0-5 loss against Tea Area last Tuesday. Vermillion also has several teammates out due to injuries.

“The win felt like a fresh start to the season,” said Schroeder. “It’s been hard without the other girls, but I think that win is going to help us overcome the hard losses before and give us a push for the future.”

Freshman Megan Brady started things off as she scored the first goal of the day. The placed the ball right over the goalie from the right end of the 6-yard box at minute 6. The score remained 1-0 throughout the first half.

Brady scored again at the beginning of the second half in the 41 minute. Junior Ellie Schroeder scored Vermillion’s third goal four minutes later. Both were within the goal box and increased their lead 3-0.

The Tanagers continued to keep possession and Groton Area scoreless. Freshman Livi Regnerus scored at minute 64, assisted by senior Cami Regnerus from a corner kick.

Vermillion scored twice more in the final seven minutes of the game. Junior Lilly Johnson scored in the 73 minute. Junior Elaina Taggart scored in the final minute. Sophomore Lilly Mockler tallied the assist.

The Tanagers defeated Groton Area 6-0. They improved their record to 1-3-1.

“I am looking forward to growing as a player and a team,” said Schroeder. “We learn so much from each other every day, and it is going to benefit us when it comes to the most important games. I’m excited for us to showcase our talents and surprise teams with what we can really do.”

She is also grateful for her coaches’ encouragement.

“I appreciate how much the coaches do for us and how they’re always pushing us to get better,” said Schroeder.

Vermillion will play Sioux Falls Christian at the Vermillion High School next Thursday, September 12, at 5 p.m.


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