The Tanager volleyball team played Gayville-Volin at home last Thursday. Vermillion lost in five close sets 2-3.

“I think we played a couple of really good sets against Gayville-Volin,” said Vermillion head coach Jodi Zeller. “We struggle putting together a whole match, and that was our downfall against Gayville-Volin.”

The Tanagers won the first set 25-19. The opponents battled back to tie the match as Vermillion lost the second set 20-25.

Gayville-Volin went on the win the third by four points. The Tanagers won the fourth set 25-22 to send the match into a fifth.

Vermillion lost 16-14 in a close battle.

“I was happy with our hitting in sets 1 and 2, and our serving was solid as well,” said coach Zeller. “But then, we let up our guards, and they fought hard to get back in the set. I am happy with our serve receive, but our defense still needs a lot of work.”

Senior Toria Andre had 21 kills, 10 digs, six blocks, and one ace on the night. Senior Emily Stockwell tallied 12 kills and 12 digs. Junior Eva Knutson recorded 13 kills, six digs, two aces, and one block.

Senior Lexi Saunders had 24 assists and 15 digs, and senior Kennedy Pratt tallied 18 assists. Junior Shandie Ludwig recorded 23 digs and two aces.

“We continue to learn about ourselves and how to work together as a team,” said coach Zeller. “We have great individual efforts, but we need the whole group to put it together at the same time to show what we can really do.”

Vermillion will play away against Tri-Valley at 7:30 p.m. Monday.


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