Vermillion girls’ tennis had their first match of the season this past Tuesday. The girls competed in a home triangular against Lennox and Yankton.

“What I was most impressed by was that the remembered the rules and how to score,” said head coach Kari Jensen. “I have nine seventh-graders on the team, and most haven't played before, so we really emphasized scoring and rules of tennis.”

Senior Katrina Heles won her set against Grace Juffer of Lennox in the second flight of singles, 8-4.

Seventh-grader Abby Hanson and senior Hope Schladoer also won their two sets against Lennox in the third flight of doubles, 6-2 and 7-5.

“I have 14 girls this year; that's twice the number I had last year, so I'm most excited that the future of tennis looks bright,” said coach Jensen. “I liked the positive attitude all the girls had while playing, despite the hot temperatures.”

Vermillion will compete again this Saturday at the Yankton Triangular at 9 a.m.

Against Lennox

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Ally Hanlon 3-8; Katrina Heles v. Gracen Juffer 8-4; Annika Barnett v. Courtney Sandal 5-8; Lauren Mandernach v. Lizzy Buehner 2-8; Emma Jury v. Ellen Boomgarden 3-8; Mya Halverson v. Madison Johnson 1-8

Doubles: Dahlhoff/Heles v. Juffer/Hanlon 0-6, 6-3, 4-10; Barnett/Jury v. Sandal/Boomgarden 3-6, 1-6; Hanson/H. Schladoer v. Johnson/Buehner 2-6, 5-7

Against Yankton

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Josephine Krajewski 7-9; Katrina Heles v. Maggie Schaefer 0-8; Annika Barnett v. Lauren Moon 5-8; Madi Schladoer v. Maddie Binder 0-8; Emma Jury v. Stacia Sherman 0-8; Lauren Mandernach v. Ashlyn McGhee 0-8

Doubles: Dahlhoff/Heles v. Krajewski/Moon 2-8; Barnett/Jury v. Sherman/Schaefer 3-8; Jensen/M. Schladoer v. Binder/McGhee 1-8


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